Did you know that inside a volcano the lava that comes out is red hot magma? When the Earth cracks it awaikens a volcano which causes it to erupt. In 79 A.D. , Mt. Vesavius killed over a thousnd people, who thought it was just a moutain. Mt. Vesavius buried the people. The bodies lay undiscovered for 1,700 years. Mauna Loa, Hawaii, is the world’s largest volcano. There are many underwater volcanoes . There are also volcanoic lakes. There are rivers of fire that are actually really interesting.

Mr. Sneaky, the Bad Bad Snake

Once upon a time there was a Texas zoo where every animal was happy except Mr.Sneaky. Mr. Sneaky wanted to bite Linda, the zookeeper, Peaches the giraffe, Maverick the elephant, and Cutie Putootie the hippo. Mr. Sneaky was jealous just because he only got to eat rats, mice, and fish food. Cutie Putootie was so sassy and so bossy. She said to Mr. Sneaky, ”Boy, you better not bite me or you’re going to animal jail.” Peaches, the giraffe is so so caring she said to Mr. Sneaky,” Mr. Sneaky I know how you feel. I felt the same way when I first came here.” Maverick is so, so, so, so, funny. Now he didn’t like Mr. Sneaky. Here’s what he asked him, ”Boy do you hear the words coming out of my mouth? Well do you ?” Then one day when Mr. Sneaky was planning to do the attack. He got out of his cage and almost bit them, but Linda the zookeeper saved the day and put in a special cage. Everyone celebrated except Mr. Sneaky. The party lasted for a week! All the animals lived happily ever after.

Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman was a famous American hero who freed over 100 slaves. As a child she tried to run away by taking the master’s friend’s horse, but couldn’t because she would have been caught. Later, when she was 29, she ran away to safety, but went back and forth trying to help the other slaves escape. Finally, she helped her family by helping them escape to safety as well as helping others.

A Terrible Tornado

It was a dark and stormy day.

There  was a tree in the way.

My dog and I were in the house.

Watching a show about a  mouse.

My mom had to go to work.

And this is when the scares lurk.

We put my dog outside .

And we forgot to bring him inside .

One minute later there was a  tornado  !

Down fell a tree  and  squashed my dog like a  tomato.

We got to in the   car and of to the vet.

Everyone  was dripping with sweat.

We ran inside . And asked if he had died.

And we asked if he had died.

We waited for an answer .

And when we got the answer,we started to cry .

And we asked are selfs why he had to die.